British Designer Fashion For Real Women

Fashion is all about getting inspiration from your culture, environment and people, and then bringing life into it by expressing it through various means. Fashion industry puts in huge amount of money to hire new and fresh designers, who come up with new fashion ideas for men and women.

People around you have become more fashionable with time, and follow fashion trends. Designer fashion is expensive, highly sophisticated and classy. There are a few prominent players in the British Designer Fashion Industry. To name a few, John Galliano, Paul Smith, Christopher Bailey, Stella McCartney, John Richmond, Philip Treacy, Vivenne Westwood, Alexander McQueen and Julien Macdonald have topped the list of British designer fashion. They not only specialize in clothing but also have a variety of accessories and bags available at their outlets and cater to a huge market globally.

This year, the high-flying British fashion Designer was Christopher Bailey, who won himself the title of Designer of Year 2009. The award was presented to him during the British Fashion Awards ceremony. He has turned Burberry, a traditional brand, into something really huge and global. Christopher Kane and John Galliano also won fashion awards.

British designer fashion for real women is always about a variety of colours; this year, designer collection was not about providing customers with variety, because of the recession and economic downturn, but was to provide them with affordable quality stuff. They used simple and less expensive material matching up to buying trends of the public.

British designer fashion collection for real women included darker shades initially; blacks, blues, browns and greys. Every designer had a black dress in his/her collection. Because of the limited collection, the designers only played around with these colours. They used grey with other colours in combination. These darker colours in combinations look extremely trendy and chic.

But, there was a gradual change to brighter colours, which really turned the moods, because darker shades, if used in abundance, can build boredom. So, it was definitely nice to see a change in colour combinations. Pastel colours became popular during the end of the year 2009. This winter, the British designer fashion was all about brighter colours for both men and women.

British Designer Fashion for real women include a long list of accessories from belts to clutches. Studded belts are extremely popular all around the UK. British Designer fashion is all about accessorizing. Wearing a plain black outfit can make you look chic but until and unless you do not accessorize yourself with a clutch, belt, jewellery, watch or other stuff, it does not add glamour. British designer fashion for real women makes you look trendy and fashionable by providing you with new and sleek cuts. It helps you enhance your body shape, without adding bulky layers to your outfit.

You can be bulky, but the cuts you wear make a huge difference. British Designer fashion for real women does not only cater to slim women, but also provides nicely stitched outfits to bulky women.

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